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The setting you need to use for Windows 10 tablets

I think this is the best setting for Windows 10 if you want to use it on a tablet - without a keyboard.

Not having a real keyboard is fine for an application, like Nuno, that doesn't involve a lot of typing. But if you are going to write a novel you need a real keyboard attached.

The setting just makes the keyboard pop-up when you need to type something in and often it does a good job of disappearing the keyboard after you're done. Simple, but I find it makes a huge difference to how usable the computer is. 

You need to change a "Typing" setting: type the word "typing" in next to the windows button at the bottom left (if you don't have a keyboard you need to press the keyboard button, bottom right, to get one ;-)

I've put purple rectangles around the important bits in this picture.

That pops up a load of settings to do with auto-correcting words, auto adding a full stop if you type two spaces in a row and so on - scroll down to the bottom and you'll find the best setting. I've highlighted it with a purple box in the picture below. Turn it on.

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