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Windows 10 Tablets!

An inexpensive Windows 10 tablet is a great way to run Nuno. There are plenty of them out there with enough power to run Nuno.

2GB of ram and 32GB of storage is common and enough to hold Windows 10, Nuno and your charts with some storage spare for whatever else you want (not your entire lifetime collection of music or photos).

Because this setup is inexpensive you can have a system mainly for Navigation rather than risking your general day to day laptop. They are widely available you can recover from hardware failures (e.g. caused by dropping it in the sea) so long as you backup anything important. 

Here's an example of a deal, a 10 inch (standard iPad size) ASUS computer at £149.99 (Amazon.com have this at $197 USD right now as well).

Supermarkets like Tesco and Aldi also sell great value computers - so it's not just the internet where you can pick up a bargain.

We recommend jumping in on a deal rather than focussing on a particular brand but the Linx 1010 is well built and consistently available at a good price. 

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