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Nuno on a Mac

For some time we've been working to deliver something that a lot of people have asked for, Nuno on a Mac.

The percentage of people using Macs as opposed to Windows PCs is often said to be a little over 10%. But our research and experience suggests that amongst leisure sailors it's closer to 30%. That's why we are doing it.

This will be what software companies call a beta release. A beta is a test release - not completely untested but no guarantee that everything will work for everybody (it's actually rare that any software is released with that level of confidence unfortunately, there's always such a great range of computers and configurations out there).

Releasing a beta gives people a chance to try things and for companies to get feedback, did it work? how did it work?

Beta releases are a little experimental and so not for everyone.

It's been harder than we expected. We've had to make some changes to the software to make it work, we are using a software platform called WINE. Wine is a long running software project that allows Windows programs to run on OSX and Linux. Unlike running Windows software using Parallels, Bootcamp, VMWare and so on you don't need to buy a Windows licence. It's just a download and drag to Applications.

This has ended up being one of those long promised things that has taken longer than we hoped. But it really is real. Coming very soon...

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