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Great British Nuno™

Why is Britain called ‘Great’. I kind of quite like it, but isn’t it a touch odd? Why don’t we do this for other countries? I mean ‘United’ States is ok if a bit functional. But how about going the whole hog such as Marvelous Mexico, Fantastic Canada or Affluent Switzerland? A more serious minded colleague tells me that technically the country is called ‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ which as country names go has got to be about as long and pretentious as they get. Apparently the ‘Great’ bit was introduced to distinguish it from the, presumably less great, Brittany (which is now part of France). Alternatively ‘Great’ has its origins in 1707 when Britain became greater by incorporating Scotland. None of this has anything to do with Nuno except that we like to say ‘Great British Nuno’ and sort of imply that the ‘great’ bit is somehow connected with the Nuno bit.

Nuno 2.3 with UK charts is now launched. This really is UK and not just GB because these charts go all the way around Ireland. Check out the coverage here. Here’s how it works. When you download the Nuno installer it does not come with any charts at all. So when you run the installer it will ask you whether you want to use the US or the UK chart data sets.



  • If you want to change your mind you will need to uninstall Nuno and then re-install it.


  • If you have purchased a license then you should choose the chart set that corresponds to the license.




Installation finished. Fire up Nuno and you will see there are no charts installed. The World Vector Shoreline will be there but that’s about all.



Next job is to go to the support pane and hit the Update button in the ‘Chart data updating’ section. This will go an fetch a complete set of charts; either the UK or the US set depending on your choice while installing. This will work even if you are using Nuno in the trial mode.

Fetching the charts may take a while, there are quite a lot of them.

While you are at it you may as well hit Update for the ActiveCaptain data. This is really quite small and won’t take anywhere near as long.


Once the clunking and whirring has finished all your data will be up to date and you are ready to go.


Happy sailing. If you get a minute, please tell us what you think about Nuno.



By styvechale | Tue, Jul 2011 11:40 | #

um, if it goes all the way round Ireland, then seriously minded it is 'the British Isles'. we got thrown out of the southern bit in the 20s. another serious minded colleague points out that the northernmost part of Ireland is actually further north than the northernmost part of Northern Ireland. but who is counting?
Simon Salter

By Simon Salter | Thu, Jul 2011 06:04 | #

You are completely correct and I would be a terrible politician. Truth is we grabbed all the charts we could get. What do you think would make a good description of the coverage? UK & Ireland maybe?.

By styvechale | Thu, Jul 2011 07:32 | #

just glanced at the fantastically reliable (!) Wikepedia item on 'British Isles'. nomenclature is a bit of a minefield. seems that the 'east atlantic archipelago' offends no-one (except anyone with an ounce of common sense, and it hardly trips off the tongue), and that 'these islands' is popular with politicians (so that's definitely out). 'British & Irish Isles' or even 'Irish & British Isles' might be alternatives.
UK is another fraught terms, since it omits the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
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