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Version 2.2 Update released

There were a couple of nagging issues that we felt we had to fix so we have released a small update.

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Application Support Center reports that a new application version is available even when the application is already up to date
  • Chart updates may be missed if you stop Nuno while it is updating
  • Application sometimes fails to exit if you try to stop Nuno while it is updating



By phillip.carr@gmail.com | Sat, May 2011 11:12 | #

The system downloaded well and the UK charts are up to date. I am using the trial version to evaluate but the charts seem of poor quality and although they have coloured contours, there are no soundings indicated on the charts. Is this because I am selecting depth in meters?

By andyw@chersoft.co.uk | Tue, May 2011 10:02 | #

Thank you for your comments.

Soundings are enabled when you press the Anchor button in the toolbar.

They will be displayed in metres or feet depending on the setting of the units control in the bottom right of the passage planning (chart) window.
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