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ActiveCaptain in Nuno™

If you have never heard of ActiveCaptain then go have a look here www.activecaptain.com. ActiveCaptain is a lot of useful information, really an awful lot of information and now you can get at it through Nuno™. Have a good look around the website and while you are there set up an account. It is very easy to do and it is free.

Next job, fire up the new version of Nuno™. If you don’t have the latest version of Nuno then go and get it. Your subscription entitles you to free updates so you should make use of it. There is a link on the Support Center pane to download the latest version or you can just go straight to the website. This is just one of many improvements and additions we have planned for the near future.

Hit the ‘Show’ button and select ‘ActiveCaptain’. Type in your ActiveCaptain login details and you are good to go.


Here is what the logon screen looks like. Easy stuff.

Once you logged on you will see a bunch of extra symbols on the chart that look just like the markers on the ActiveCaptain website. Click on one of these to bring up a whole bunch of useful information.


Keeping the ActiveCaptain information up to date is easy too. Go the the Support Center by hitting ‘Show’' and then selecting ‘Support Center’. Press the Update button. That’s it. Updates are pretty small and fast. They are also quite frequent – this information is being constantly improved and added to.


We are very happy with the tie in with ActiveCaptain – what do you think?

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