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Weathering the Storm

IMG_0330We are always happy to have visitors at the CherSoft offices. Today we got to meet ‘Storm’, a 10 week old German Shepherd.

Naturally we were keen to show him around and make him feel welcome.


Emily explained some of the basics about Nuno.





Storm evaluated how Nuno performs on a laptop while also checking out just how robust the keyboard was.

Does this count as animal testing?






Mitsi, the CherSoft guard dog, discussed life at the office and explained some of the career options for a smart German Shepherd in the modern world.








We offered him some tea and attempted to pose a situation that we could have labeled ‘Storm in a teacup’.


He had other plans.






Only puppies can really do the ‘lost puppy dog’ look properly.







In puppy terms, it was a long day.

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