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ActiveCaptain is coming to Nuno™.

ActiveCaptain? - and just what is that you may ask. Well it is a chart overlay, a crowd sourced data resource, a website and a community. Any the wiser yet?

Let’s start with what it means in Nuno™ where you can see additional information on your chart. Here is what it looks like.


Those extra little symbols are points of interest (POI) from the ActiveCaptain database. POIs are associated with marinas, anchorages, local knowledge, features and hazards. Useful little snippets of extra information which could be just the sort of thing you need especially when visiting an area for the first time. If you inspect the POI you will find a description, notes and other useful things. Where does this information come from? That is what the crowd sourcing bit is about. As Jeff Siegel, creator of ActiveCaptain explains:

ActiveCaptain allows boaters to share the knowledge and experience that each Captain has gained. The key to ActiveCaptain's content is the ability of registered users to communicate corrections, update information, and create reviews. Fellow cruisers can provide information about fuel pricing, slip fees, a favorite anchorage, or some local knowledge. As a registered Captain you can read marina reviews written by other Captains, write your own review, add a new point of interest, or correct inaccurate information. You add to the content and benefit from the content provided by others.

So not only do you have access to a wealth of information but you can also contribute by way of updates, additions and corrections:

The sharing of your knowledge and information creates an online community of fellow boaters - people from around the country or even around the world who share your love of the water and provide information, opinions, and insight. Registration on the ActiveCaptain web site is free. We feel this is critical to building the community. We also feel that it is important to acknowledge the contributions of our Captains in making this community successful.

And there you have the community aspect as well.


The Active Captain website is here. The ‘Interactive Cruising Guidebook’ tab gives you another way of looking at the information using maps and images from Microsoft Virtual Earth. Clearly with many people contributing to this project the information is going to be constantly updated. To handle this we have introduced an update facility within Nuno™ which will grab all the latest data for you so that it is to hand on your boat even when no Internet connection is available.

In the first release of ActiveCaptain you will be able to view all the information however we are planning to allow editing in the near future so that if you find something that you think should be changed then you will be able to make the changes right in Nuno™ and the corrections will be dealt with automatically.

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