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Almost there

The first full release of Nuno™ is coming soon. Very soon. Within a week even. It has some great new features, some great improvements and some great bug fixes. Ok, so it is not so great that there are bugs to fix but it is important that we fix them. It is impossible to write code without bugs and anyone that says otherwise probably doesn’t write code.

Here’s a run-down of some of the things we’ve improved:

Overview. A small scale pop-out window with data quality and other overview type information on it. This was discussed here.

Anchoring mode. This is a display setting to show a bit more detail on the chart. Useful if you are maneuvering in to tie up but probably a bit too cluttered for regular use. We’ve done a lot of work on trying to manage clutter in chart displays. It is one of the big problems with vector chart systems.

Track log. Nuno will now maintain a record of your vessel track.


So now you can see exactly where you have been. You can save portions of the track in case you need a permanent record.

Chart Updating. This is getting better all the time. Our aim is to make chart updating so simple that you will, with almost no effort, have a complete set of up to date charts all the time. We are also working on reducing the time taken to update charts.

That is just a sample. There are lots of small improvements and features which all go towards making Nuno a better navigation system and better to use. We have lots of improvements in the pipeline as well. Over the next few months we will be adding support for AIS, Active Captain and others.

What features would you like to see? We’d really like to hear from you.

In the meantime the beta program is still running and as an added incentive for anyone who has shied away from trying out the beta so far:-

Anyone who downloads and activates the beta version before we launch the full version will get 50% of the purchase price of the full Nuno.

Details about the costs are here. The bottom line is that it will save you $50. Even I think that is a pretty good deal. Downloading and activating the beta is free. No cost. No obligation. But you need to act soon because this offer is only until the full version of Nuno is launched and like I said – this is going to be soon.

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