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contours and cliffs? Options
#1 Posted : Saturday, January 31, 2015 10:56:37 AM
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Hi there, I have downloaded the software onto PC.

All electronic charts must be useful when the gps packs up. Yours is. Being able to plot a CTS, EP manual fix etc is great.
However, when the GPS packs up we have to have detailed information of the objects we are using to fix with. Basically the land.

Unless I have not turned on something ( Always possible!) I do not see contour lines with heights. I use cliffs which have very definite cut offs for fixing, but your charts don't show them or am I missing something?

One more thing on a different subject. Chart areas. based in plymouth UK we regularly sail over to the French coast. Your UK charts don't cover the channel and French coast. Or am I missing something else?

I have over the years used many different electronic charts. Usualy takes an age to get used to them. Yours is VERY intuative. Well done!
#2 Posted : Monday, February 2, 2015 7:49:30 AM
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Thank you for the complements. Usability is very important to us.

Land contour lines and spot heights are displayed whenever they are available in the chart data. But you do need to be zoomed in sufficiently. Many contours in the UK are only displayed at a scale of 1:90,000 or more detailed.

The UK Costal chart set included in your Nuno purchase is UK only. However you can purchase additional S-57 ENC charts and add them to Nuno in order to get coverage outside the UK. To do this, create an area or a route in Nuno; right click on it and do "Get Charts for". This will display the price for all the charts in that area / on that route that you do not already possess. Click on the "Charts to Buy" button to see a list. Click on the "Buy Charts" button to buy them.

Andrew Watkin
#3 Posted : Tuesday, February 3, 2015 7:42:55 AM
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thanks Andy, still on a similar thread. I made a route and clicked get charts. this route was from Sark to scilly Isles. When I looked at the charts suggested i was rather horrified to see that it only included guernsey herm and sark chart and not east guernsey herm and sark, which is essential when navigating that area. when I click "get charts" How do I know I get ALL the charts required? Clearly I don't get what I require. why?
Also a bit perplexed by the numbering system? On my installed charts there is nothing in the description column? and the numbers don't match the admiralty numbers? ( well they have a lot of letters / number infront of them. why do i have no description? cheers, jim
#4 Posted : Tuesday, February 3, 2015 10:50:56 AM
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Nuno displays S-57 ENC data. S-57 ENC displays cells rather than charts - "Chart" generally means a paper of about A0 or smaller. ENC cells can be larger than this as they are only on the screen, not printed.

The numbers used to identify ENC cells are unrelated to the numbers used to identify paper charts. The ENC numbers are all 8 characters and are hard to memorise compared with the paper chart numbers we are familiar with. This is one reason why you need software to help you choose ENC cells - such as we have in Nuno.

The ENC cell GB510210 has practically the same coverage as paper charts 807 and 808 combined. I suspect 807 and 808 are only split because they will not fit on one piece of paper.

The inset on 807 for Beaucette Marina is a separate cell in ENC, GB61021B. If you wanted to make sure that you got this cell, as an escape route for example, you would need to make sure that the route went to the marina. Or you could add an area or a second route for the marina and "Get charts for" for this as well.

The lack of a description in the chart information list in Nuno is a fault which we have noted - thank you for this.
#5 Posted : Tuesday, February 3, 2015 11:09:01 AM
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Hi Jim,

Just to add to the information posted by Andy.

If you wanted to get charts for your route from Sark to the Scilly Isles and also an area that covers Guernsey, Nuno has the functionality to group together Points, Routes and Areas (overlays) into folders.

Information on organising overlays can be found here: http://support.nunonavig.../help/Organize_overlays

I have done this in the following image:

After doing this, you can right-click on the folder ('Channel' in my example image) and choose 'Get Charts For' and this will get you a price for ENC charts to cover both the route and the area.

Hope this helps,


Carl Wright
Nuno Support
CherSoft Ltd

Nuno Homepage
Nuno Blog
Nuno Forum
#6 Posted : Thursday, February 5, 2015 5:06:10 AM
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This link has a video...
Andy Nibbs
Nuno Product Manager
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