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Full world chart portfolio

Nuno comes with a UK or US chart pack, and you can buy extra charts for your route anywhere in the world.

Chart updates become available in Nuno immediately for you to download if you need them.


Plan out your route at home, in your bunk or in the office.

Pan and zoom easily around the chart and see ranges and bearings at a glance.


Plug in your GPS and AIS, and sail away.

Nuno automatically tracks your route, showing distance, bearing and time to next waypoint as well as your cross track error.

Move the mouse to see the distance and bearing of any point from your vessel.

The GPS accuracy indicator shows the quality of the position information, and Nuno will start using dead reckoning if the satellite signal is lost.

The route monitor window can run on a second screen at the helm. It can even be used on an iPad.

Download extra charts

Buy any extra charts you need for your route anywhere in the world, at the click of a button. Nuno will automatically download them and make sure all the charts on your route are up to date.

AIS support

Nuno can autodetect your AIS receiver and display information about nearby vessels.

Share routes and overlays

Export your routes, areas, lines, points and tracks, to share with other Nuno users, load onto chart plotters or view in Google Earth.

Nuno supports the formats used by most popular navigation tools or applications, or to be technical: we support GPX and KML.

Man Overboard

Click the prominent Man Overboard button and Nuno will mark your position (with a timestamp) and start navigating you back there. Click again to resume your original route.

Organise passage plans

Organise your routes, areas, lines and points into folders.

Show or hide everything in a folder on the chart.

Export folders for backup or to share plans with your friends.

There's an Undo button in case you accidentally delete an important route.