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Release Notes

Hardware requirements are available from http://support.nunonavigator.com/help/Hardware_Requirements.

Help is available from http://www.nunonavigator.com/Help. - February 2016

Support for NMEA Wifi hotspot devices. These devices broadcast positions from a connected GPS or AIS across a Wifi network that the device creates. Your computer can attach to the WiFi hotspot and then Nuno can get positions and AIS.
Your Windows firewall may pop up and give you the chance to allow access to the network to Nuno. If you are want to receive NMEA over wifi you have to say yes!
We recommend Digital Yacht Devices: http://www.digitalyachtamerica.com/index.php/en/products/interfacing/nmea-to-wifi-adaptors/product/100-wln20-aquawear-server-wrist-case

Tides! Heights and streams from Admiralty TotalTide.

Larger KML file imports now possible

Red close button on edit comment toned down.

Fix to problems related to ActiveCaptain update

Fix to cure a hang (sometimes crash) seen on W7. - December 2015

Better route monitoring (especially for sailing boats): VMG indicator. The velocity made good to the next waypoint of your route or to a chosen annotation point.

Better World Vector Shoreline backdrop - includes country boundaries.

Better errors from chart install. Helps make a few things less confusing if using Australian HO port packs.

Fix bug associated with Gazetteer.

Fix the crash that Jim (hello Jim) had. This one took some digging. - July 2015

Improved behaviour of Auto Update for charts to make it clearer. The idea is that you set the areas of UK or US coastline that you interested in and then set Auto Update (if that's what you want). Nuno will then update the charts and thereafter try to check and update every time it is started.

AIS display: Changed "hide class B" to "declutter class B". In this mode class B AIS targets are drawn extremely small and faint and without COG & SOG vector. We recommend that in normal operation AIS is fully turned on and only when class B vessels are causing clutter that this setting is used. Usual caveat in most conditions is that looking out of the window is best! Fixed: AIS targets could be misclassified.

Fixed: Crash when failing to log in to ActiveCaptain with wrong password. You can now fail to log in to ActiveCaptain as much as you like.

Fixed: Cell name omitted from chart information display. - June 2015

Menus reworked to make creating overlays (Routes, Lines, Points and Areas) quicker.

Lock range and lock bearing whilst creating a line. Hold down R to lock range or B to lock bearing.

Ability to control display of AIS targets - can turn all AIS display or display of AIS class B off.

Ability to install charts and chart licences from disk. Allows install of charts downloaded or supplied outside of Nuno chart download systems.

EBL and VRM lines drawn more strongly.

Many changes made to better support higher resolution monitors.

Fixed: Panning the SDD on a touch screen.

Fixed: Crash closing "Get Charts Pane" support centre pane.

Fixed: Mouse pointer could disappear when hovered over North arrow.

Fixed: Track could clash with cloud backup service Carbonite causing error on Nuno startup.

Fixed: Right clicking to create a menu and then not using that menu could cause Support Centre to become unresponsive to mouse clicks.

Fixed: Problems around dragging the chart information pointer on SDD pullout.

Fixed: Crash when playing back NMEA file.