Nuno Navigator End of Life

Nuno Navigator is no longer available to buy and no longer under support.

RYA Training Plotter

The RYA Training Chart Plotter, which was based on Nuno Navigator, no longer forms part of the RYA Shorebased Navigation courses and is therefore no longer under support. Please contact for more information.


  • Support ended 31 March 2019
  • Last UK charts update was January 2019
  • End of sale was March 2018

Can I still buy worldwide charts?

Sorry, we stopped selling for Nuno charts in 2018.

Will Nuno stop working?

The Nuno program will not just stop working, but you will not be able to access support beyond 31 March 2019.

After your subscription expires you will not be able to download charts so consider backing them up.

What happens when my subscription runs out?

Nuno will continue to display your charts, but there will be no chart updates available. Updated charts are important so you should consider changing to another Navigation product.