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Nuno Navigator Pricing

With US Charts
£100.00 inc VAT

Buy US Nuno

With UK Charts
£120.00 inc VAT

Buy UK Nuno

What's included?

  • A licence to use Nuno forever
  • Charts for either the UK or the US
  • A subscription for a year's chart updates
  • Free software upgrades for a year

How do I get other charts?

Nuno has worldwide chart coverage. Right click on a route or area in Nuno and choose Buy Charts. Once you've bought them, Nuno will automatically install your charts over the internet.

What happens when the free trial runs out?

When your trial runs out, Nuno will stop working altogether.

This is a condition of our licencing of the charts from our supplier.

To continue using Nuno, you'll need to buy a licence.

What happens when my subscription runs out?

Nuno will keep on working with all your charts.

If you want to upgrade to a new version of Nuno, or update your charts, you'll need to renew your subscription.

Our guarantee

We're confident that you'll love Nuno. If for any reason you're not happy, we will refund your purchase without quibbling.